Celebrating our individual cultures!

Celebrating our individual cultures!

At BestStart Epsom, we respect cultural diversity. Celebrating different cultures is an integral part of our local curriculum and team practice. We acknowledge and respect the cultural diversity of our whanau and Kaiako by organising monthly specific cultural events. It is an effort to respect every child's culture and identity. 

We have celebrated different cultures recently. It feels great to celebrate the different cultures of the people around us. On Wednesday, 17th August, we organised Chinese Cultural Day. We provided a variety of experiences related to Chinese culture through providing Chinese music and dances, Chinese songs, storytelling in the Chinese home language, art and craft, dressing up in traditional costumes and Chinese food for lunch. 

We had a fun and joyful way of learning about Chinese culture. The tamariki learned some interesting facts about China. We are very thankful to Daniel's Dad for reading the story in his home language about celebrating Chinese New Year in China. Serena also taught the children about learning the numbers and greetings in Mandarin. 

Zhou our student teacher, showed the tamariki some famous Chinese architectural structures of China. Well done to our tamariki for actively participating in this cultural event.

Celebrating cultural events offer a unique cultural experience and interesting learnings to the children in the centre. It is our honour to be able to share the unique culture, customs and traditions with the children and teachers. 

These cultural celebrations provided great opportunities for our tamariki to experience and learn about different cultures, customs and traditions in the centre. Children develop awareness about the stories and symbols of their own and other cultures. They experience an environment where connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended.