Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year!!

In the prep school we have been learning about Chinese new year this week. We are so lucky to have Edward working alongside us. He is our permanent reliever, and he’s from China himself so he has been teaching us all about the stories and customs of this special time! Today we made a beautiful banner together, then practiced our Chinese letter writing. It was pretty tricky to copy the shapes and lines, but we concentrated hard, and did so well! 

In China there are lots of fireworks at new year, just like we have in New Zealand, except much louder! So we blew up lots of balloons together then popped them all at once to experience the loud bangs of fireworks! We then watched a short clip on YouTube about Chinese New Year and learnt about the monster Nian! 

Nian came and began to eat all the veges and crops and ruined the cities in China. The people of China had to scare him away and they did this with the colour red, bright lights, and fireworks!! This is why we celebrate with these tranditoins today. 

What a wonderful experience to learn about the meaning behind Chinese New Year together, and share this with Edward and our tamariki.