Colour stamping art

Colour stamping art

This fun and simple stamping activity began by teaching the tamariki how to use the simple tools of stamps. 

To begin with, the children selected an animal stamp and kaiako encouraged the children to name the animal. Then they were shown how to hold the paintbrush to paint onto the animal shape and then stamp straight down on the paper. 

The children quickly learnt that you could stamp the stamp multiple times before having to paint the stamp again. They also quickly problem solved that if you didn't stamp and it slid around the paper that you couldn't see the print. 

Some tamariki chose to use only one colour, and others chose to make patterns or pictures, etc. During this experience, the tamariki were using and strengthening their fine motor skills (needed for writing and holding a pencil correctly) as well as their hand and eye coordination- watching and doing and coordinating these actions. 

They also communicated their knowledge about animal names, asking for colour and waiting for a turn with paint brushes and stamps. Nga tamariki were very proud of their finished work and have returned and asked for this experience to be repeated.