Construction Play at Bader Street


In Ruma Hiringa (babies) there has been a lot of road works happening outside our fence. The road workers are pulling up the road and re-sealing it. The younger tamariki have been fascinated by the loud noises the diggers, dump trucks and rollers have been making. The beep-beeps as they reverse, the crunching of the road as it crumbles, and the vibrations rumbling through the ground all makes for good conversation kaiako have with tamariki. 

We have seen an increasing interest in vehicle resources and the tamariki have enjoyed rolling them around the classroom. Tamariki have been busy digging and spending quality time in the sandpit. Here we get to see lots of hand-eye coordination being used by our tamariki. The tamariki try to dig the sand by using the diggers and they were trying to put sand in the diggers with their little hands. 

This is great learning for our tamariki as they get to see and hear the large vehicles so close by and get to know their functions and see the road work staff working in our community. We can't wait to be able to drive along our new road!