Cultivating curiosity and culture through innovative gardening adventures


At BestStart Elles Road, we are sowing the seeds of curiosity and cultural connection through innovative gardening adventures. Our tamariki embark on a dynamic journey of exploration side by side with our dedicated kaiako, creating a unique learning experience that intertwines nature and cultural heritage. In our vibrant garden, tamariki actively participate in planting, nurturing, and harvesting, fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment. 

This hands-on engagement aligns with Te Whāriki, the New Zealand early childhood curriculum, emphasizing exploration and holistic development. As tamariki watch their efforts bloom, they not only learn about the life cycle of plants but also connect with their cultural roots, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and tradition. Our kaiako serve as guides, weaving cultural narratives into gardening activities, enriching the learning experience. 

This initiative aligns with the principles of Te Whāriki, particularly supporting tamariki as they are Making sense of their worlds by generating and refining working theories | te rangahau me te mātauranga, We are excited about the positive impact on our tamariki's well-being and their understanding of sustainable practices. 

Here at BestStart Elles Road, innovative gardening adventures become a canvas for cultivating curiosity and celebrating diverse cultural connections, laying the groundwork for lifelong learning and appreciation of our natural world.