Discovering our senses

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We have noticed a few changes with the season changing into spring. We are discovering our senses that surround us at Shelly Bay. The air feels warm, we can smell the flowers, see the bees flying, hear the birds chirping and taste our juicy peas that have grown.

The greatest sense of all that we love to explore is our touch at Shelly Bay, our children have engaged in feeling the textures of slippery slime, silky sand, flourishing flowers, and of course wonderful water.

Our littles explorers investigated the properties of slime and what an adventure it was. Feeling the texture learning about its consistency and how is different  than that of water. Our children were fascinated with watching the movement as they transferred it from hand to hand. We had many conversations around what it feels like, how its moves. We enjoyed adding to the slime many different resources such as bottles, spoons, water wheels and discovering other ways we can explore using our imaginative and creative minds.

We have been exploring many ways to learn with sand, another great open-ended resource we use a lot at Shelly Bay. Sand is such a great sensory experience for children as they explore their sense of touch, play, and discover the wonderful texture of sand! 

There are hours of fun and learning to be explored with sand as it promotes and encourages imaginative play. One of our favourite things to do is add water to sand, as it adds another element to our curiosity it stretches the imagination and it is an excellent avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive and social skills. Sand is a great way for children to determine the direction and path of his or her own learning play through many adventures this natural resource has to offer.

Our teachers love to also get out and about and take our babies on walks where they get to touch, smell, hear and see wonderful sensory experiences nature offers. Our next adventure will be to take our older explorers to visit a forest I wonder what they will see, hear, touch and smell on their journey.