Diwali Delight!

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At Beststart Tauranga Central, every day is an opportunity to explore and learn from different cultures. Recently, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the joy and warmth of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. The air at our centre was filled with excitement as children, parents, and our dedicated Kaiako came together to embrace the spirit of Diwali—a celebration that teaches different languages, music, and dance from other cultures, and engages in various activities around our centre. 

Our commitment to fostering a multicultural environment at Tauranga centre took centre stage during the Diwali festivities. As the festival approached, we saw it as a good opportunity to introduce the children to the vibrant traditions and customs associated with Diwali. 

We believe that exposing children to diverse cultural experiences not only extends their horizons but also learn through activities. On Diwali day, we celebrated Diwali with different activities for our tamariki to explore and learn. 

We decorated elephants, coloured Mandelas, made chalk rangoli, had henna mehndi, made coloured art sand, sang Diwali songs, and did Bollywood dancing with our parents. This can promote children’s creativity, curiosity and interests. What a good opportunity for children to learn and celebrate Diwali in a fun way!