​DIY Jet Packs

​DIY Jet Packs

Your little astronauts will have so much fun blasting through space with these jet packs.  Even if you are not crafty, it’s super easy to make a DIY jet pack. It's a perfect addition while learning about science or for some space-themed dramatic play.

Learn how to easily make a jet pack with a few inexpensive supplies.

You will need:

  • 2 plastic bottles
  • Aluminium kitchen foil
  • Cardboard
  • Red and orange felt
  • Silver coloured paper and a small piece of gold-coloured paper
  • A large elastic band (2 x 40cm) or string for the straps
  • Red scotch tape
  • Black sewing thread and a needle
  • Glue
  • A scissors
  1. First, cut out a 25x20cm piece of cardboard, and cut an identical size of silver paper. Glue them together.
  2. Then, cut out 4 large enough gaps to insert the elastic bands later on.
  3. Then, cut two 40cm strips of an elastic band. With some black sewing thread, sew the ends of the elastic bands to the cardboard to hold the shoulder straps.
  4. Cover the 2 bottles with aluminium kitchen foil and glue. Attach them together with red scotch tape.
  5. Cut out 4 flames, two red and two bigger orange ones. Assemble them by using a little bit of glue.
  6. Then, place and glue the top of the flames on the inside of each bottle. Add a little gold star on the red star for the superhero effect!
  7. Slip a little cardboard rectangle under the red tape at the back and glue it to the silver cardboard.
  8. Your jetpack is ready to fly!