Embed Gardening as a part of our curriculum

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We believe to develop the lifelong skill of gardening; young children need to be offered ongoing and sustained opportunities to garden. Embedding gardening in the curriculum so that it becomes part of everyday life is one way to achieve this. 

Our magnificent garden is now producing vegetables and we are now currently harvesting seeds for next year. Our children all love to be involved in watering, taking care of their plants, and even weeding. At our centre this happens on regular basis and is part of our everyday curriculum. 

Gardening offers children the opportunity to be scientists, mathematicians, linguists, all while being physically active. The demand for Garden to Table has increased rapidly over the past few years as parents, whānau and educators recognise the educational, social and environmental impacts of teaching children to grow and cook kai. 

We want growing, cooking and sharing delicious affordable and nutritious kai to become a normal part of everyday life for our Centre tamariki and whānau. Next month we plan to extend this concept by having a fun Centre where a parent will share their nutritionist advice on shopping healthily on a budget. This will be a fun evening to welcome our new families and staff member.