Discover the wonders of childhood exploration at BestStart Te Whāriki! Over the past few months, our school programs have blossomed with creativity and excitement. Embracing the beauty of nature, we embarked on a captivating natural theme week, offering an array of activities designed to ignite curiosity and nurture young minds. 

From the joy of creating intricate nature collages to the thrill of spray painting, our young learners reveled in hands-on experiences that nurtured their interests and fostered an appreciation for the world around them. They delighted in adorning gardens with beautifully painted stones, practiced their fine motor skills through leaf cutting, and crafted unique patterns that showcased their individuality. 

Also, our enchanting science day brought forth a magical milk experiment that captured the hearts and minds of our tamariki. With anticipation in the air, they eagerly gathered to witness the wonders of vibrant colours and swirling patterns unfold before their eyes. As they dipped cotton buds into a concoction of milk, vibrant dyes, and washing detergent, all amazement filled the room. Their faces lit up with joy and wonder as they watched the colours dance and swirl, creating an enchanting that sparked wonder and joy among our tamariki. 

At BestStart Te Whariki, we believe in nurturing curious minds and fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Join us on this extraordinary adventure, where every day is filled with wonder, discovery, and possibilities!