Exploring space!

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Here at BestStart Remuera Road, this July, our preschoolers have been showing a lot of interest in stars, planets and space as a whole which branched out from our Matariki celebrations. They would often talk about the power of the sun, they began to  think about things beyond their own experiences. They wondered about the sky and what’s in it. We helped them to extend their interest in planets and stars by discussing on the mat time which included the pictures and images of planets and the solar system, how to go to space, how different planets look like, what space scientists do, how sun gives light to all the planets and so on. We added different space themed, light and shadow themed fun learning experiences in the classroom to enable tamariki further extend their interest and understand the power of the sun as the source of energy.

Pre-schoolers enthusiastically participated in different activities like, shadow tracing, making rocket ship with origami shapes, making constellation art, light table activities, learning about the shapes and sizes of different planets, their distance from the sun with the help of 3D model of solar system and so on.

Space themed activities are very beneficial for the pre schoolers as it will encourage them to love science as we feel space is a good 'way in' to science. Especially for those that might be disengaged by the subject. Space captures children's imagination with its rockets, moon landings and different planets and stars.