Favourite Book Day

Favourite Book Day

At BestStart Te Whāriki this month, we have been looking at incorporating more books and storytelling to support our tamariki in developing language and literacy.

As part of our current work in this area, our preschool rooms have invited tamariki to bring their favourite pukapuka. It is so great to see all our tamariki having the opportunity to share and read the book with their friends. The learning behind reading stories is that it supports tamariki in their cognitive and language development, as storytelling can teach skills such as listening and repetition. The tamariki have also been encouraged to express themselves and explore various characters through sharing pukapuka.

As some preschoolers get closer to their school starting date, these activities also provide them opportunities to develop reading skills and competencies.

We will continue these reading times over the next few weeks and embrace a range of resources to support nga tamariki learning and development.