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Early one morning here at BestStart Buchanans Road, while playing outside, the tamariki heard a loud buzzing noise coming from nearby. They quickly rushed to the top of the Toddler's fort from where they could see a neighbour trimming the hedge at our shared fence. The tamariki called and waved and our friendly neighbour smiled and waved back. As he continued to cut the hedge we noticed many of the leaves were falling into our preschool and prep room playground.

When our preschool and prep room tamariki moved to their outdoor area they were immediately drawn to the scattered leaves. With a quick moment of inspiration one of our kaiako saw a spontaneous learning opportunity! She encouraged ngā tamariki to gather up the leaves and put them into a big tray to create a small world for our dinosaurs.

The children leapt into action! Some began gathering the leaves with their hands while others applied problem solving skills and found things like boxes, wheelbarrows and dump trucks to fill with the leaves to transport to the tray. Some children worked together to gather the leaves, while others rushed inside to find dinosaurs and other items they thought should be included, like paua shells and wood. Still other children took some branches of leaves to give to each other like bunches of flowers.

A story of how one warm, summer morning in Yaldhurst, our neighbour helped to bring about a world of imagination; problem-solving; co-operation; leadership; collaboration and joy for the tamariki of BestStart Buchanans Road!

If you would like your child to experience spontaneous fun alongside some great friends like this, give us a call today!