Growing Friendship and Puzzle Time

31 May 2022

Growing Friendship and Puzzle Time

Growing Friendships

Tamariki are exploring new and old resources which encourage learning and playing alongside their peers. Growing friendships is an important part of developing a sense of belonging and connectedness to the people and their environment around them.
The kaiako ensure that our learning environment is a safe, nurturing space for children to explore and learn about the world around them in fun and purposeful ways.

Puzzle Time

As we settle in to the colder months, the children are really enjoying engaging in puzzle type activities. Tamariki love working alongside each other, creating friendships and mastering both gross and fine motor skills. By showing persistence and working as a team they are able to complete the challenges set out in front of them.

Puzzles help develop Tamariki’s problem solving and critical thinking as well as recognising and understandings patterns.