Having fun outside in some warmer weather.

Having fun outside in some warmer weather.

This month, we have been having loads of fun outside in some warmer weather. 

Our pepe | babies have enjoyed getting out and about in their local community in the 4-seater prams while our older tamariki head 'Into the woods' every week to explore nature and our natural world.

Our toddler tamariki have enjoyed working on our classroom and community gardens as we plant some seeds in this lovely spring weather. 

Our preschool tamariki also have been spending lots of time in small group activities as they engage in korero | conversations of interest and work together on projects such as peitatanga | painting and hangatanga | construction. Exploration is a huge part of our tamariki ako | learning as they discover working theories of their wider world. Through play, our tamariki learn how things work and make sense of everyday experiences. 

Exploring with a friend is even more fun and allows our tamariki the chance to practice and repeat their new learning to those around them.