Hula Hooping fun!

Hula Hooping fun!

As part of our friendship and feelings group planning, we facilitated this fun experience to promote teamwork and cooperation. 

In this hoop game, everyone holds hands and stands in a circle. The hoop is looped over an arm, and then the rest of the group must pass the hoop around the circle without letting go of each other's hands. 

To begin with, it was challenging for the tamariki to work out how to get the hoop over their body without letting go of their friends' hands. Nga tamariki kindly gave instructions and words of encouragement to each other and their Kaiako. 

After repeating this experience over a couple of mat times, nga tamariki had it sorted and were getting much faster at getting the hoop around the circle. 

Next week we will try it with two hoops and see if the hoops can catch each other.