In Our Shoes Programme

07 May 2019

In Our Shoes Programme

A common complaint in organisations is that managers sit in their ivory towers, in meetings, in front of their computers and on the phone, disconnected from their staff and their core business. How many times have you heard the complaint ‘they have no idea what really goes on!’.

Not so at BestStart. In a bold move to enhance engagement, understanding and empathy, BestStart managers become a member of centre teams every year in a programme called ‘In Our Shoes’. As part of this, twice a year they go to a centre and plan, set up, engage children in their activities, wait their turns for breaks, tidy up and debrief at the end of their shift.

“Feedback is that our teams really appreciate the effort put in to make our relationships stronger. Our managers gain invaluable information about the joys and challenges in centres, and teachers get a glimpse into their world,” explains Tony Ryall, Chief Executive of BestStart.

“Teachers really want to show them their centre world, knowing that it is growing empathy, understanding and better decision-making, and that benefits everyone.”

Around 70 managers from BestStart went into centres this week as part of ‘In Our Shoes’ initiative.