Jumping into a great future


A child's job is to play, they love to be active , making physical play part of their daily routine is not only fun but great for their health and even develops the ability to learn more later in their learning journey. Encouraging tamariki to be active when young can establish a routine that could stay with them for their lifetime, we learn more everyday about the benefits being active plays in mental health and general wellbeing. 

We love creating a movable obstacle course that challenge tamariki but also inspires them to move it and find ways to challenge themselves and their friends. This gives tamariki a chance to lead there own learning, and develop communication skills as they work together to create their own obstacle course. 

Kotahitanga is a main principle of our local curriculum and activities like this supports tamariki to come together, work together and learn to compromise. It is amazing what new innovative ways the obstacle course can be redesigned, listening to your friends and seeing their point of view is never easy so it is great to create this opportunity as often as possible. We also love playing more structured sports games like cricket or T-ball to help tamariki learn new sports and develop the ability to follow rules of a game.