Learning about Aotearoa's Superhero Maui!


Learning about Aotearoa's Superhero Maui!

Over the past few weeks our tamariki have been learning about our amazing legendary superhero called Maui! This huge interest started when a tamariki in our Kea room bought some books for us to read at a mat time. These books were called Maui and the Giant Ika and How Maui caught the Sun.

Both these books started a huge interest in our tamariki wanting to learn more about this demi God with magical powers called Maui. Our tamariki would ask us to read these stories daily, so we started a huge project about Maui and his legendary stories.

Through this interest we have been doing a lot of collaborative art and bringing these stories to life. We have made a huge collaged sting ray, a large Te Ra sun out of dye and crayon and a big waka using recycled cardboard and paint as a group and our tamariki are just loving it, especially the social aspect of these fun activities!

They are loving hearing about the stories as they are creating these beautiful pieces of art and connecting these to our legendary Maui stories. There is so much inquiry based learning happening as our tamariki ask questions and investigate further. 

We have used this interest of Maui to explore concepts of Māoritanga such as tuakana/teina, whanaungatanga, manaakitanga, kotahitanga and rangatiratanga. Our tamariki are learning so much about our beautiful Māori culture, language and history.