Loose Parts and Creative Minds

1700445990380566895_2017179645328756_1507336217573844685_n (1).jpg

Today in the prep school Rebecca brought in some piping and guttering for our older tamariki to explore. We weren’t sure what we were going to make yet, or create, but we had some ideas in mind! It was a very hot day so we began nailing some guttering to the fence to see if we could make a run for some water to go down. 

Soon enough the four year old boys game to explore what all the banging was. They were so intrigued, and began offering their help with the nails, holding the tools, and making sure things were in the right place. We filled some buckets of water and tested the run as we went! It was pretty fast, and we had to grab more containers to place at the end to catch the water before it hit the concrete! This was pretty exciting! The boys then used the leftover piping and guttering to create a bigger run. They began to join on parts, turn the corners, and add props to lift bits up. I was so impressed with the creativity and skills that were going on at this time. 

They were so engaged and engrossed and worked together so well! I look forward to seeing what else we can create with these loose parts and where our imaginations takes us over the Summer months, as we continue to explore outside in our wonderful garden!