Making Poodle Balloons!

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Here at BestStart Parton Road we are all about whanaungatanga – building relationships with our whanau.  We want our whanau to be involved in their centre and invite and encourage them to come in and share their skills/talents with us.  I tenei ata – this morning Jacks Dad Jarrod surprised us with a lesson in how to make balloon poodles.

Step one was to blow up the long balloons and when all the tamariki had one Jarrod then gave us step by step instructions on how to make our poodles.  Jarrod made it look easy but as some of us kaiako can confirm, it was not.  Jarrod’s balloons did end up looking like poodles however I am not quite sure what you would call the ones made by some of the teachers. 

Once all the poodles had been made, Jarrod then moved on to giving all the tamariki a helium filled balloon, with string attached so that they would not float away.  However a few balloons did manage to escape into the big blue sky or as one of the tamariki said  “Floating up to Jesus”.

This balloon poodle making was a great hit with everyone and also so much Fun!  A big thank you to Jarrod for coming in and sharing his talent with us all.