Masks are becoming part of daily life

Masks are becoming part of daily life

Are you looking for ideas to help your child understand the whys of mask-wearing? 

Sometimes our toddlers ask us questions that are hard to answer—especially when we’re not sure what the right answer is, like the situation many communities are facing with COVID-19. For children under three years, it’s best to answer their questions simply in language they understand.

Here are some question your little ones may have and some tips how to answer:

Why are people wearing masks? or Why are people covering their faces?

  • Sometimes people wear masks when they are sick or to help keep them safe, so they won’t get sick.

Sometimes children might ask follow-up questions like the ones below. At this age, it’s important to answer only the questions they ask. Avoid sharing additional information (about germs, what is contagious, etc.) that they can’t understand because of their age. 

Some common follow-up questions could be:

  • Is the mask a costume? No, sometimes people wear masks when they are sick or to help keep them safe so they won’t get sick.
  • Can the person still talk?  Yes. The mask covers their mouth, but they can still talk. Just like if I put my hand over my mouth, I can still talk. 
  • Will I get sick? Everybody gets sick sometimes. If you get sick, mum and dad will take care of you until you are all better. The doctors will help you, too.

During these stressful times, what children need most is a safe, secure relationship where they can express their feelings and questions. 

While wearing masks is something new for all of us, toddlers and preschoolers respond well to the safety and security of daily routines. Remember the following:

  • Keep daily routines (naptime, bedtime) as consistent as possible for your child.
  • Limit your child’s exposure to media about COVID-19.
  • Discuss your own questions or worries about COVID-19 when your child is not around.
  • Practice good hygiene.

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