Matariki 2023

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The stars of Matariki are coming into our skies with the tamariki engaging in a variety of experiences to deepen their understanding of what this time of year means in Aotearoa. It is a time of learning about whakapapa and pepeha within our local area of Rotorua with pūrākau, legends of famous ancestors in our area. Our tamariki have been learning about Ihenga and the Patupaiarehe (fairies) that live on the maunga (mountain) of Ngongotaha. 

Tamariki also engaged with mahi toi, art, to represent the patupaiarehe. We were also fortunate to be invited by our neighboring kura Kawaha Point Primary, who performed a series of pūrākau, including Ihenga and the patupaiarehe, which also supported our Matariki project. Nga whetu, the stars, were also a big part of learning about Matariki. Once again tamariki were able to create stars in a variety of media with glue gun construction, painting pictures of the night skies and the stars themselves to make our look festive for this time of year. There are many stories about Matariki and its origins. 

We are learning about the Matariki stars (whetu). Waipunarangi is the star connected with the rain. Waiunarangi means water that pools in the sky. Waiti is the star connected with fresh water. Maori iwi lived in balance with Te taiao (the natural world). Waita is connected to salt water. Ururangi is connected to the wind. Tupuanuku is connected to the food that comes from the earth. Tupurangi is connected to the food that comes from the sky. 

Pohutukawa is the star that is connected with remembering those we have lost. (Some iwi during the Matariki ceremony would call out the names of those that had died within the last year). Hiwa i te rangi is the star that is connected to our dreams, desires, aspirations, and wishes. All of these stars are very important and bring togetherness and celebration. We will continue to bring our centre and whaanau together by enjoying a kai hakaari to celebrate Matariki.