Meet the BestStart Dey Street front of house!


Meet the wonderful front-of-house team. We have Natasha (centre admin), Melissa (centre manager) and Shontelle (cook). We also have Toni (centre van driver). This amazing team is here to provide the best for the children. 

Natasha is very bubbly and will welcome you with a smile. She is here to talk to you about any queries you have and also takes care of all the admin work. 

Melissa is here to make sure everything is flowing smoothly, but also loves being in the rooms engaging with the children. 

Shontelle enjoys being in the kitchen, making yummy food for the children and there is always a beautiful smell coming from the kitchen. 

Toni enjoys being amongst the children. The van children are always happy to see her in the morning. 

The team and the teachers are always happy to talk about the children’s learning, or just have a conversation. Feel free to pop in and see what the children have been up to. He waka eke noa - we're all in this together!