Meet the Head Teachers at BestStart Inglewood


Meet our Head Teachers!

At BestStart Inglewood we have a passionate team of teachers who are led by our two head teachers Aleisha & Manon. 

We invite you and your family to visit anytime, come and have a chat with our head teachers and get a feel for how they drive our centre vision; poipoia te kānano kia puawai - nurture the seed and it will blossom.

Aleisha Ball - Pukeko Nest
Infants - 0 - 2.7 years old

Aleisha started with us in January 2023 as our Pukeko Nest Head Teacher and has a Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching and Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

What brought you into ECE?
I really enjoyed learning about how to teach learning in a fun and engaging way for children and wanted to be part of the movement to deliver this in children's education. 

What are you most passionate about in your role?
As a mother of two I know how important a safe and enriching environment is for our tamariki and I love being able to provide families with a calm, settles and nurturing environment where they feel confident to leave their tamariki, knowing that the utmost aroha and care is taken at every step. 

What is your focus/goal this year in your rooms?
It's all about environment this year, be that the physical, emotional and spiritual environment within the Pukeko Room. I want to bring a sense of calm that is nurturing, yet stimulating and supports our teaching team, our tamariki and their family to create a nest of happy, engaged and curious learners. 

Manon Maas - Tui Ruma
Preschool - 2.8 - 5 years old

Manon, better known as Nonnie to our tamariki has been with BestStart Inglewood for three years, starting in the Pukeko Nest, taking on the Head Teacher role and has now recently moved to the Tui Room as Head Teacher. Manon has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and is currently completing a postgraduate degree in Early Intervention. 

What brought you into ECE?
I initially fell into Early Childhood Education by accident but it has become a life-long passion for me and I love being able to support our tamariki's young minds. 

What are you most passionate about in your role?
I have a keen interest in supporting emotional wellbeing and love being able to help our tamariki navigate the challenges of emotional wellness at our centre. 

What is your focus/goal this year in your rooms?
I hope to bring a real sense of fun, excitement and happiness to our preschool room with the intention of supporting our teaching team and tamariki to learn and develop the best versions of themself.