Music and movement with our Explorers!


In the Explorers’ room at BestStart Marne Street, our current local planning focus is around the world of music and movement. Our tamariki have wholeheartedly embraced this adventure and the different ways they can express themselves. Recently, we were lucky enough to have two local school students who shared the art of kapa haka and poi with us. 

This experience has not only broadened our horizons but also ignited a newfound enthusiasm, inspiring our young explorers to incorporate these actions into their play. Music and movement offer an abundance of developmental advantages for our tamariki, nurturing their physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. It serves as a dynamic platform for self-expression and creativity. 

Our infants are navigating the exploration of their bodies, experimenting with diverse movements, thereby cultivating a sense of independence and self-discovery. Music and movement are essential components in the developmental toolkit of our tamariki. They act as catalysts, enhancing cognitive abilities, refining physical dexterity, and nurturing emotional intelligence. 

This holistic approach to early childhood development not only fuels their present growth but also lays a sturdy foundation for a lifetime of learning and exploration. Within the Explorers room, our commitment to nurturing the arts remains. We continue to encourage our tamariki to embark on journeys of self-discovery through the world of music and movement, where beauty and creativity intertwine.