Our Celebrations and Events

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Kicking off the festivities, we recently had a charming Teddy Bear Picnic, where our tamariki brought along their beloved teddy bears/cuddles for a fun-filled day. Amidst laughter and giggles, they enjoyed a delightful spread of Kai alongside their furry companions, creating cherished memories together. 

Embracing cultural diversity, we joyously celebrated Chinese New Year with our whanau. Our preschoolers made a dragon with card boxes and performed a dragon dance for our whanau. We had engaging stations offering various activities for parents and children to enjoy together, followed by a healthy afternoon tea with dumplings and fresh fruits. We extended our pre-schoolers interest in animals by going on an exciting excursion to the Auckland Zoo. 

The support and involvement of our dedicated parents added an extra layer of enjoyment to this educational trip, enriching our children's learning experiences beyond the classroom walls. Given Waitangi Day, our preschool tamariki and kaiako formed ‘The Treaty of Preschool’, focused on respect, care, sharing and kindness. 

As we embrace the opportunities and adventures that the new year brings, we look forward to fostering more moments of joy, learning, and togetherness within our vibrant community at the Center.