Our Christmas & New Year Holiday Programme

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As a centre, we like to put together a fun-filled 6-week holiday programme with different events and activities planned for each day. We provide a large range of different experiences from lots of WATER play which is soothing and fun, supporting hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, maths concepts like measuring, estimating and volume, full and empty, where children practice their problem-solving and thinking while interacting with others. 

Water Play can be water in the trough, the slip-n-slide, the Giant BLOB, foam, sandpit rivers and so much more! Along with water play is the fun MESSY Play days of slime, gloop, fingerprint, and clay! Just makes you want to join right in and have fun with everyone. 

Another fun day we enjoy is all our science experiments which can focus on ice or chemical reactions like Baking Soda and Vinegar, and then we have our fun baking days or Pizza Day, this was a hit and provided lots of great opportunities for children to recall on past knowledge and experiences from home as they use the different kitchen tools and follow the steps to make their pizza! YUM! 

We encourage days where the children and families bring in items to extend their play such as our Box Construction Day. This required the children to bring in boxes of any size, children used their imagination in their play to build with the boxes and we had so many different creations. 

We had some cars, we had boxes stacked as high as we could reach and some children thought outside the box and used the cardboard to create fun sleighs to go down the slide. There are so many fun things to do with boxes and we are excited to plan another fun box day as there was so much wonderful learning occurring. 

Our biggest highlight from the program where the children shared how much they love it, was our WHEELS DAY. Children love to bring in their bikes or scooters to share with their peers, we have a bike wash set up and even a gas station for our pretend fuel. Wheel's Day doesn't just stop with mastering their bike skills but we also have fun creative art and other wheels-related activities. Our younger children enjoyed the road tracks on the wall inside, using toy cars or motorbikes to race around the room! 

I could go on and on with all the fun-themed days we have but why not book a visit and come on in to hear from all of us and see all the fun we are having each day?