Our ​Countdown Adventure!

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At Beststart Mangere East, we're passionate about teaching our children the importance of healthy eating habits. To make learning about nutritious foods fun and interactive, a small group of us embarked on an exciting trip to Countdown. Armed with enthusiasm and curiosity, we ventured through the aisles, carefully selecting a colorful array of fresh fruits and some kebab sticks.

The experience at Countdown was not just about picking out ingredients; it was an opportunity for hands-on learning. As we browsed the fruits section, we talked about the different types of fruits, their colors, textures, and tastes. We discussed the importance of incorporating a variety of fruits into our diet and how they provide essential vitamins and nutrients to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

After our fruitful shopping excursion, we returned to the center bursting with excitement. Back in our cozy kitchen space, we set up a crafting station where all the children eagerly assembled their own fruit kebabs. With giggles and smiles, they carefully threaded the colorful fruits onto the sticks, creating vibrant and delicious snacks.

As they enjoyed their creations, we reinforced the importance of making healthy food choices and how much fun it can be to explore new foods. Our Countdown adventure wasn't just a trip to the store; it was a journey of discovery, learning, and tasty treats that will leave a lasting impression on our young minds.