Our natural environment + Art

Our natural environment + Art

At Shelly Bay Road, we allow children opportunities to express themselves through various art mediums. 

This experience was set up for children to enable them to do just that, express themselves. We believe that painting and art experiences can be therapeutic and have a relaxing element. 

Here, we have utilised the large tree and the natural environment, hanging up clear plastic umbrellas to use as our canvas in the natural sunlight. We spend a lot of time outdoors exploring our naturally rich environment, where we are thoughtful of how we set the environment, not only to be functional but beautiful and reflective of the children's learning and interests.

It was a fun, creative way to paint and be creative. During the experience, the children were able to explore different painting techniques as the umbrella moved. Together we were learning to navigate how to balance and coordinate our bodies and, at the same time, watch the colours emerge or blend together. 

All of us enjoyed this creative, arty experience. At the finish, the opportunity to take turns using the hose to wash the paint off was a highlight and lots of fun for the children, pretending it was raining.