Our tamariki celebrated Diwali

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On 19th November 2020, our tamariki celebrated Diwali. It was super fun seeing all our children dressed up in the traditional Indian attire. The whole centre looked magnificently colourful and not to mention the yummy sweets and snacks prepared by both the staff and parents just made it even more enjoyable.

What did we do?

 Diwali being a festival of colours and light, our tamariki were very helpful on making all the beautiful rangoli paintings in different rooms and decorating it with scented lamps inducing authentic feel. After that we experienced bursting sparklers, where children demonstrated great bravery and were very excited to see the different colours displayed by the sparklers.

What is more fun than dancing? We also danced for the Bollywood songs, unleashing our moves for contrasting tunes. We had various Indian snacks and sweets for our afternoon tea which was very helpful to get back onto dancing floors more energetically.

What did we learn?

Apart from fun, we also learnt a lot about the Hindu culture originated from India. Growing up in diverse community, develops the sense of acceptance and enjoying varied cultures immensely. Our young learners and families showcased brilliant attitude over enjoying the Hindu culture especially on the occasion of Diwali. Tamariki also learned to keep themselves safe while bursting sparklers. We noticed that learning comes very easy, when it is fun filled and joyous. By celebrating, dancing we are sure that our Tamariki had a fruitful grasp of the occasion. At the end, we are proud that we are able to nurture the learning that matters

Overall, it was great fun to be a part of the Celebrations. Tamariki exhibited great learning and cherished oodles of memories. Here we are sharing some of those moments!