Our village!

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What an amazing year it has been. This is always the time of year when we reminisce all the lovely memories; the things we learned, the people we've known, and the milestones we've reached. It is also a time to ponder and gather hopes and aspirations for the following year. 

Our tamariki at BestStart Ascot Ave have been such troopers. They have gone through all the ups and downs of this everchanging pandemic with smiles, laughter, and a learning mind. Our whānau have given us such amazing support in all that we do. They have understood how challenging the changes have been and have been such an encouragement as we adapt to the changes, working alongside one another for our tamariki, it really takes a village and we are ever so proud to be a part of that village for all our tamariki and their whānau. 

Can you identify who your village is? You all deserve a nice cuppa with some chocolate for all that you do!

Mā te pā te tamaiti e whakatipu!