Our yoga work outs

23 Feb 2022


Over the past few weeks in the Koru Room we have had a number of children interested in exploring their bodies, learning different ways they can move and control their bodies.  This has led to a lot of sharing of gross motor skills as the children show each other their latest tricks and compare how they can do certain exercises or movements.  

To support this learning interest of the children's we have incorporated some yoga work onto our shelves for the children to engage with when they choose.  This work has a yoga mat and booklet with a set of pictures showing yoga poses ranging in difficulty.  This provides children the opportunity to develop a wide range of physical skills from coordination, strength and balance to flexibility.  

These learning experiences have also had positive influences on other areas of the children's development, creating opportunities for self care and mindfulness as well as practicing social skills through their shared experience and communication with one another.  Plus as always in the Koru Room we were having FUN!