Pink shirt day and Plunket appeal

31 May 2022

Pink shirt day and Plunket appeal

Right after the lovely Pink shirt Friday, BestStart Styx Mill kicked off our Plunket appeal in the upcoming week.

Tuesday, we had our Bike Day, when tamariki rode their own bikes and scooters together. What a great opportunity that they were developing their confidence and physical skills. Sure thing that they had so much fun and laughter while riding around the playground and interacting with their peers.

Wednesday was highlighted with our very own fluffies. Our tamariki all sat at the table together to enjoy their fluffies in the pleasant sunshine. Many thanks to our parents and whanau for your donations to Plunket!

Thursday was a movie day plus a dress up for all our adorable and cozy Pyjamas.

Friday was a wonderful Teddy Bear picnic. It was a lot of fun exploring each other’s teddies throughout the day!

At BestStart Styx Mill, we value tamariki and their interests by collaborating with the team and the whanau to support our tamariki to be the best they can be.