Pūrākau pānui pukapuka, tuhi, whakarongo, kōrero | Books and Storytelling Props


At BestStart Kelvin Street our tamariki | children love to explore pukapuka | books and storytelling which helps promote their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. There are many engaging ways that we support tamariki and their learning that will help them to be confident readers and writers. We offer a variety of picture books, some with more detailed stories as they grow their ability to concentrate and comprehend. A variety of fiction and non-fiction picture books in various areas of the rooms help to expand their knowledge about the world and indulge their imagination. We talk to our tamariki | children about what they are seeing in the pictures – back and forth gestures or words to encourage conversation and ideas. We use puppets (hand or finger puppets) and props which are great ways to tell stories to tamariki or for tamariki to make up a story themselves. Kaiako |Teachers talk with tamariki about their weekend or what they have been doing, or something they enjoyed doing or seeing which is the beginnings of storytelling. Our magnetic board stories allow tamariki to tell a story as they connect ideas about their everyday lives and build their communication skills as they create stories together. Children develop an interest in the world around them which supports their learning about their own and other’s cultural groups, while building concentration, memory and comprehension skills and a curiosity to learn more. Language, and thinking skills are at the core of pukapuka|books as it helps children to further gain a better understanding of their experiences, enabling them to re-enact/relive them in their own time and with friends.