Promoting health and well-being

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At BestStart Montessori Mosgiel we provide our tamariki with a variety of experiences to promote their health and well-being.  This is incorporated throughout our programme as we educate about looking after our bodies, from helping prepare and cook nutritious meals to getting exercise and building strength and coordination. 

These gross motor skills are particularly visible in our outdoor learning environment where the tamariki are encouraged to challenge themselves and take risks in a safe environment.  Tamariki are naturally motivated to move their bodies; developing new skills and refining their coordination and control of movement.  

We believe, as Maria Montessori did, that repetition is very important and provide plenty of opportunities for children to revisit their learning and practice.  Many of these physical pursuits are undertaken in group experiences where tamariki are working alongside their peers, this fosters social skills such as communication, turn taking and empathy and we have seen this help in the formation of many friendships.