A Reading Corner

A Reading Corner

Every child needs some quiet time. Reading with your child can be a special bonding experience for you both. Reading is also a wonderfully calming activity, discovering imaginary worlds together with each turn of a magical page.


  • A selection of books
  • Cushions and cuddly toys


It’s never too early in your child’s life to read to them. Support your child to select some books they’d like you to read to them. Set up a ‘reading corner’ in your child’s room with lots of cushions and soft toys to cuddle (the toys might want to listen to the stories, too!). Point to the pictures, talk about what is going on, ask your child questions and take the time to listen to their answers. Read with animation try giving different voices to the different characters. Ask your child if they liked the story – did they think it was a happy story, a sad story or a silly story? Have fun with your reading time!

To add to your reading corner, you could find a lovely basket or container that can be dedicated to holding your child’s borrowed and special books.


  • Reading books doesn’t need to be costly – visit your local library and encourage your child to choose the books they’d like to borrow. Your child might want certain books to be read repeatedly – this can be frustrating but it’s a sure sign they’re engaged and learning!
  • Make sure books are age appropriate (reading a complex book to a younger child is a sure way to lose their attention)
  • The best books are the ones that you love reading and your child loves listening to


  • Listening skills
  • Builds imagination and creativity
  • Encourages the development of language and communication
  • Improved logical processing skills
  • Basic reading skills – we read left to right across the page, front of book to back; some letter and word recognition
  • Introduces concepts such as beginning, middle and end which is an important part of early reading

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