Recycling with BestStart Faringdon!


Over the last few months, our tamariki have really enjoyed exploring different parts of how we can be more sustainable within our centre. Recently, we have been learning a whole lot about recycling and re-using materials. 

During a recent mat time, our tamariki spent time working through rubbish together, sorting it into the colours of the different coloured bins. Their kaiako supported them to understand where each piece of rubbish goes, so that we can work together to reuse and recycle. We also had the privilege of having Re-Discover visit our centre. They are a part of our Local Council and have been visiting schools to teach us how to be sustainable. 

During their visit, they showed the tamariki how to recycle, what happens to recycling and what this looks like after the recycling has happened. From all of this learning, our kaiako and tamariki worked together to create a recycling space within our centre, that encourages and reminds us to re-use and recycle. 

We have had wonderful feedback from our whanau sharing about all of the learning that their tamariki have brought home, and how they are using their knowledge to teach their whanau to re-use and recycle at home too.