Samoan Language Week 2022 BestStart Manukau

27 Jul 2022

Samoan Language Week 2022 BestStart Manukau

Talofa Lava Aiga

Samoan Language Week 2022 was a great opportunity for little BestStarters in Manukau to learn the language and the traditions of the Samoan culture. 

This auspicious week was celebrated by a number of awesome learning experiences, which provided our tamariki with the opportunity to learn about the Samoan culture and get to know and use some of the common words. 

We are blessed to have our two Samoan teachers, Anna and Sera, in our centre. They have been passing their knowledge and sharing some of their traditions with the rest of the team and the children. 

It was a week full of rich learning for our tamariki where they learnt to sing and dance in Samoan. Children learnt how to count and practised greeting each other with a ‘Talofa’ each morning. They also learnt how to say thank you / fa’molemole and goodbye/ tofa. 

Throughout this week, our tamariki worked together to make their very own tapa, make Samoan flags, fans, hibiscus flowers, weave mats and taste some Samoan food. 

We invited all our parents to this event. It was so good to be able to celebrate an event and be able to invite whanau again after the Covid 19 restrictions. The event was such a great success, with our tamariki performing so confidently and gracefully. 

After the performances, the parents and children enjoyed some delicious Samoan Food/ Mea’ai of chop suey, vege potato salad and chicken nibbles. The event gave the parents and teachers to come together, celebrate and learn about the Samoan culture and also to be able to see one another after a long time. The kaiako, tamariki and whanau at BestStart Manukau had an amazing time celebrating Samoan Language Week.  

Fa’aāuau le folauga i le va’a o tautai/ Continue the voyage with competent way finders of the ocean.