Sand Exploration

31 May 2022

Sand Exploration

Here at Best Start Abacus, sand play is one of our favourite areas of play, especially in the Koru Room (Infant and Toddlers). We are very lucky to have our sandpit on the deck that comes right off our main playroom so when we are experiencing torrential weather we can get out and get our hands dirty. 

Our Tamariki spends a lot of their time playing in the sandpit whether it is solitary or parallel play, they love digging, scooping, pouring and patting the sand. And even on occasion they love to make sand angels. 

OnepÅ«/ Sand supports and provides a wide range of learning opportunities for our Tamariki to explore. They start their learning journey of early mathematic terms by filling up containers and using measuring cups or spoons. They learn about science focusing on the texture between wet and dry sand, gritty verses fine, hard and soft. They develop their fine motor skills when pinching the sand and sprinkling it as well as developing their large motor skills when they are digging in the sand.