Science & Nature Experiences in our Pukeko Room


Science & Nature Experiences for the Little Explorers in our Pukeko Classroom

Young children are innate scientists who are naturally inquisitive and love to explore their environment. They also get fascinated by everyday happenings and the countless opportunities for discovery and problem-solving provided by the nature. 

Hence, we the teachers take advantage of this innate curiosity to nurture our children's sense of exploration and provide them with a play-based curriculum that has a breadth and depth of learning experiences for scientific discoveries which will be beneficial to foster a life-long love of science. We strongly focus on science and nature as this is heavily linked to our vision - ready for school ready for life. 

Some of these opportunities are intention and teacher-led where as the others could be either child-led or capturing teachable moments. Our teachers are very creative and thoughtful to bring science into art experiences so that tamariki can refine their working theories while enjoying the process of art. (e.g., magnetic paintings, ice block paintings and secret pictures).

There are lots of positive learning outcomes for tamariki being involved in science and nature experiences. 

They help our tamariki to:

  • Learn to question and investigate 
  • Based on hypotheses and investigations, make their own working theories
  • Think and act
  • Discover how nature works
  • Expand their vocabulary including scientific terminology
  • Enhance language/communication skills
  • Care for the well-being of others, including plants