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Manaakitanga is about extending our support to, and with our whānau and the wider community. Together we bring/hold strength.

We have recently celebrated Matariki with a whānau shared dinner and glow disco. We have great support and turnout to our whānau events as we are like a big family. It takes a village to raise a child! This is a proverb that rings true in our learning establishment. Here at BestStart Kawaha Point we like to think of our whānau as part of our family, we have a close bond, and we enjoy celebrating together.

We also had a community Bbq at Bunnings recently and we could not have done it without the support of staff and whanau that came to help.

We endeavour to go on outings in the neighbourhood, to the school, on the bus and trips to other places around the community as well as having special visitors to the centre.