Slippery slime

30 Jan 2019

Slippery slime

Slime has a fascinating texture and can make for hours of fun for children of all ages. It is cheap and easy to make and provides lots of learning opportunities.


  •  3 cups warm water 
  • A few drops of food colouring (optional) 
  • 1 cup soapflakes 
  • Large bowl 
  • Electric beater or hand beater 
  • Measuring cup 
  • Large, deep container or bucket 
  • Old clothes or waterproof apron for your child
  •  Plastic cups, bowls, funnels, jugs 
  • Spoons, sieve and a whisk


Encourage your child to measure three cups of water and add them to the bowl. Add food colouring (if using) and the soapflakes, then beat all the ingredients together until the soapflakes have dissolved and you are left with a foamy mixture. You can use straight away but for better results, let sit for an hour or overnight. The next day you will discover a really slimy mixture. Pour into a large container or bucket. Keeps for up to a week.

Place cups, bowls, spoons and other kitchen utensils next to the container so your child can fill, pour and mix. You could put a little slime onto a waterproof flat surface  (or cover a tabletop with a small tarpaulin that you can reuse). Your child can swish the slime around with their fingers making wonderful swirling patterns.


  • Fine motor skills – building up the hand muscles, which is important for pencil grip 
  • Imagination and creativity 
  • Math concepts – counting, measuring 
  • Taking responsibility and following instructions 
  • Science concepts – liquid, thickening, texture.
  • Substances can be changed when you add other substances 


  • This is a messy activity – perfect for outside fun on fine days 
  • Keep soap and slime away from eyes 
  • If your child is prone to skin irritations, this activity may be best avoided 
  • When disposing of the slime, dilute with lots of water