Sustainable practices

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Best-Start Kawaha Point is a sustainable centre and as well as using cloth nappies, having compost and a worm farm, we reuse, repurpose and recycle throughout the centre. Some of our tamariki have had an interest in the manu (birds) that visit our centre and land in our playground. To further the interest of the tamariki, a repurposed cup and saucer that was made into a bird feeder, was placed out on the fence. Each afternoon, Nikita, one of our teachers, would take the tamariki outside to put bird seed into the feeder for the birds. Tamariki got the chance to scoop out the seed and put it into the feeder and then watch the birds come and eat it. This allowed for a great learning time of observation, questions and then finding out the answers. To add to this, birds nests were brought into the centre for the tamariki to learn about what the bird uses to make the nest, how it stays in the trees and what birds may have made the nest. We all had fun learning all about birds and their habitat.