Te Reo Singalong Show at BestStart Abacus


Earlier in the month we got a visit from Alan, who came and sang some waiata in our Fern Room (Over Twos).  During the show, Alan performed four different Te Reo singalong books, bringing them to life with costumes, props and actions. 

He started off singing a song about waking up in the morning, brushing our teeth, brushing our hair, getting dressed as he put on his own shoes and clothes which our tamariki thought was hilarious. During the second song Alan performed a more action based song, which included using his swing around the room, our tamariki were happily engaged in this song and plenty of laughs and giggles filled the room. 

He ran and skipped around the room using actions that go along to the songs and what he was doing. All our tamariki who are aged 2 - 5 were kept engaged the whole time and sat so patiently behind the line that was drawn on the carpet of our room which our tamariki had to sit behind to keep our selves safe. 

This performance was a great experience to incorporate more Te Reo Māori into our centre and the books that the songs are from can also be purchased to use another time. It was great having Alan come in to our Centre to share his talent and humour with us.