The Little Yellow Digger Visits Montessori Mosgiel

The Little Yellow Digger Visits Montessori Mosgiel

We have been lucky enough to get some work completed on updating our outdoor learning spaces at Montessori Mosgiel. 

The tamariki have been very interested in watching the progress as the workers have redesigned our learning spaces, leading to a lot of interesting discussions and inspired creative constructions in the sandpit. 

There was a lot of excitement today. One of our favourite stories came to life, and The Little Yellow Digger was called in to help. 

First, we watched through the window the skill of the digger driver as he manoeuvred the little yellow digger past our climbing frames and through the opening in the fence to the infants' outdoor environment. The tamariki were in awe of some of the tight spaces they didn't think it was possible for it to get through. 

Once the fence was safely replaced, we were able to head outside and watch the digger in action. Our big trucks and construction vehicles are a staple in our outdoor environment, being one of the favourite experiences for groups working and creating together. 

Today they were able to see the real-life application of their play and the skills they are developing. I wonder if we will have any future engineers or construction workers amongst the crowd that was inspired today.