Transitioning from Pipi to Paua


Recently we have had a few children transitioning to the Paua room.  

At our Montessori, we have two classrooms. Pipi room children start from age 12 months to 2.5 – 3 years old and transition to the Paua room at 3-6 years old.  

In the Pipi room, when children turn 2 years old, they will gradually have more opportunities in the morning to visit the Paua room with one of our teachers and work on advanced practical life activities such as spooning activities, tonging activities, pouring activities, threading, hammering, etc.  For children two and a half years old, they have heaps of opportunities to experience different routines.  This means that when it is time for them to move on to their next adventure in the Paua room, they will be familiar with the teachers, routine and environment, which helps the children transition a lot smoother.

Our children get really excited when they visit the Paua room as they love to challenge themselves with a variety of activities and get to socialise with some of their friends who have already transitioned from the Pipi room. It is always wonderful to see our tamariki confident in their transition and to see them flourish in the Paua room when they are ready.