Valentines Day Gifting!

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Our tamariki love getting out into the community and spreading the love. This year we decided to spread the love to our local community but delivering hand-created love hearts by the tamariki for Valentine's day.

The tamariki took a lot of pride in their mahi (work) and were amazing at turn-taking when it came to delivering them in the mailboxes. There were a couple of neighbors who came out while we were delivering them and all the tamariki were proud in telling them what they were doing and even hand-delivering the hearts to them. The ladies that they gave a heart to were so smitten by the act of kindness they even commented on “This has made my day, thank you all so much”.

There is a lot of learning for our tamariki when out in the community, from keeping safe and learning about safety to exploring and making sense of the world around them in a physical sense, to developing strong communication skills to others in the community to developing a stronger sense of belonging within their worlds and in their whanau context.

The tamariki are already thinking of what they can do next for their community which has opened up great conversations here at BestStart Omahu.