Walking on the Line

19 Apr 2022

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The walking on the Line activity invites children to walk steadily on a line as a means of refining their balance and learning to control their movements.

 Walking on the Line is a full body exercise. It refines muscular coordination, helps align the spine, and develops poise and body control.

 We have recently introduced Walking on the Line back into the Kiwi room. Teachers have been role modelling and demonstrating to our tamariki on how we walk inside, so it was perfect timing to reintroduce this work. The tamariki were very eager and enthusiastic to watch while I gave them a lesson. To extend on this work we introduced a bell sitting on a tray. The children had to carry the tray very carefully to ensure the bell didn’t make a sound. Then Amanda set a challenge of balancing a bean bag on their heads, while they navigated their way round the line. This was very tricky for most of the children and teachers, this is definitely something we will all be working on.

 Through Walking on the Line, tamariki are learning valuable skills such as concentration, coordination and control of movement. They are developing and refining their sense of balance, and most of all having a lot of fun.