We embrace learning in our natural environment!

We embrace learning in our natural environment!

In reflection of the fire drill we had this week, we have taken the opportunity to go out for an excursion to practice our lining up and active listening skills outside our kindy environment.

What else did we do on our walk:

Check out our picnic in the park.

Science – Learning about force and motion and ouch - Gravity.

Mathematics in nature:

Te whariki is learning through play. Today we were teaching early mathematical concepts while exploring nature. What does “holding maths in their hands” look like at Sir Tristram Ave. We believe it’s introducing concepts such as before, after, next to, in front, and behind. Through play-based experiences, our tamariki can make connections by seeing, doing – holding maths in their hand!

Students must hold maths in their hands before they can hold maths in their heads” (Anonymous)

If you would like more information about early mathematical concepts, check out the links below.

If you would like your child to learn through playing in nature, come on down to BestStart Sir Tristram Ave, where we gesture about Sir Tristram, being at one with nature in resort-like surroundings, just for kids.

Hope to see you soon!